Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Red Raincoat Memories

I remember the first time I made love with a woman wearing a raincoat, this photo eminds me of that time.

I was 14 and working on a market stall selling fruit and veg, outside in all weathers. There was a woman, Jean, who called at the stall every Saturday. I never paid too much attention to her until one Octobers day in 1975 when she turned up wearing a knee length red pvc coat and black knee length boots. I was completely transfixed and she noticed. She smiled and said hello, I stuttered a greeting of somekind and she went on her way. All week I spent all my time thinking about her in her raincoat. I was walking around with a permanent erection.
The following Saturday was a similar scenario but I plucked up all my courage and chatted to her the way I’d seen my boss on the stall chat to all the women he served. Jean giggled at my efforts to impress her but was flattered ( so sehe told me later) She was a lot older than I was, she was 40. That didnt bother me (or her).
On the 3rd Saturday she asked my boss if I could help her home with her bags as she had twisted her wrist and couldn’t carry much. My boss reluctantly agreed and instructed me to not be too long.
We chatted a little on the short walk back to her house. When we got there she asked me to take the bags into the kitchen for her, I walked straight, down the hallway and put the bags onto the kitchen table. I didn’t even hear the door closing behind me. As I turned around she was right in front of me, ver y close. I could smell the pungent aroma of her mac and hear the crackling sound as she moved even closer to me and pulled me tight up against her. Our lips met and she thrust her tongue into my mouth, I responde by wrapping my arms around her and kissing her back. Eventually, our lips parted and I could feel her hot breath on my face.
You like my mack, don’t you? She said
I felt embarrassed but said Yes
She pulled my jacket off, then my Jumper and t-shirt and held me against her. The coldness of her raincoat on my skin made my cock ache as it pulsated inside my trousers. Jean Smiled, the eased herself onto her knee, undid my trousers and pulled my pants all the way down. My erection sprung out. Again she smiled and looking me in the eye very slowly eased hers lips around the tip of my cock. She slowly lick around the top of my cock and then pumped my cock with her mouth whist her hands gripped my arse cheeks pushing my cock down her throat. I held her onto her shoulders and watched her expertly suck me off. I could have only lasted 2 or 3 mins before I exploded into her mouth.
This was the beginning of a 5 year sexual relationship with jean , I was a virgin when we met and she taught me everything I know. She was always keen to wear a mack and by the time we went our own ways she 9 that she specifically bought for our lovemaking. She was a real exhibitionist as well. Loved sex outdoors, photos (mainly polaroids unfortunately) and we made a couple of super 8 film shorts. They were silent but she loved to watch them while me made love.
There are many more stories to tell about Jean and photos and films also (when I get around to digitising them).
More to follow……

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DAWN said...

thats a nice story most simular to a experiance i had many years back.
Dawn Rain