Saturday, January 13, 2007

Regenmantel E-bay


blackmack66 said...

have written comment but there is some hang-up with submission. This is a communications check

blackmack66 said...

OK Communications are working. The pix are great. I am a sbr lover, waders as well so it is sbr pix tha I look at most. I wonder why in virtually every picture of a mackintosh or cape that is modelled by a girl. Are we supposed to be turned on by these ladies' personal attractions ? This strikes me as a little naive. We are in the world of mackintosh fetish, something that is the province mainly of men, although there a more and more members of the fair sex coming forward (god bles 'em) and acknowledging they share the interest. I do not really care if it is a leading model inside the mackintosh or just the girl next door. What I take in is the mackintosh itself, its shine, its folds and its ripples and whether I could fancy wearing it or being together with somebody else wearing it. These half-truths one reads 'Joan (or whoever), you look great in that riding coat' is a bit tame. It's not about fashion or modeling or even clothing. It's all about mackintoshes in rubber or plastics and it's all about the pleasures we mackintoh lovers derive from wearing them and doing whatever we do in them. Let's try to stop being naive and let's try to be more open and frank over what mackintoshes are all about Greetings to anyone who reads this. Blackmack66